Achieve intuitive application-aware visualization management for Cisco IWAN

LiveNX visualization and management for Cisco IWAN

Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) protects performance-sensitive applications from brownouts and blackouts, provides secure and reliable active-active load balancing for applications, and improves application performance, while reducing significant WAN costs. The savings from IWAN not only pays for the branch-office infrastructure investments, but can also free resources for new, innovative business services.

In this use case, find out how LiveAction’s solution, LiveNX, provides intuitive, comprehensive, highly integrated, application-aware visualization and management for the Cisco IWAN solution, including:

  • Performance Routing (PfR) path control visualization, reporting, and configuration
  • AVC visualization, reporting, and configuration
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring and policy configuration, including AVC's application-aware QoS
  • PfR Dashboard and real-time network health and status