Managing Skype for Business: QoS with LiveNX

Managing Skype for Business

Quality of Service (QoS) is a critical solution to have if you want to protect real-time voice or video communications and high-priority data applications—especially Microsoft® Skype® for Business. Without QoS, IT teams struggle to manage and protect voice and video quality, ultimately impacting employee productivity, user experience satisfaction and business outcomes. So, whether you’re having issues with Skype for Business, or just want to learn more about QoS, here’s how.

In this white paper, Managing Skype for Business: QoS with LiveNX, you’ll get an insightful, technical walk-through on how your IT teams can use LiveNX, a network performance management platform, and QoS to:

  • Configure Skype audio, media ports and markings at the Clients and Server
  • Verify Skype traffic through the network
  • Create Access Control Lists (ACLs) for Skype
  • Configure QoS Marking Policies
  • Configure QoS Queuing Policies
  • Visualize and monitor the entire performance of Skype

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