It's time to decide:

Does TruView meet the demands of your next generation network?

Should you stay with a legacy, probe-based platform that can't keep pace with the modern network OR adopt the next generation in performance monitoring and analytics to stay on top of today's network issues?

Seeing is Believing

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Hardware appliances add complexity and cost

  • The TruView 4300 and 6300 appliances are proprietary hardware requiring space, power, and maintenance which all adds costs and complexity to tight budgets.

Enterprise capabilities for enterprise networks

  • Being asked to migrate to platforms designed for service providers won't deliver the capabilities an enterprise network requires. Based on recent public announcements from NetScout will your needs get the attention they deserve?

Maintenance costs alone could afford an upgrade

  • The high cost of maintenance for hardware probes, software support, and feature enhancements is enough to buy a modern performance monitoring solution. Do the math.

Network Performance Monitoring Requirements are Evolving
Have you been left behind?

Networks are evolving to be software-defined and cloud-driven

Networks are changing quickly. Migrations to software defined architectures, and extensions to public cloud infrastructures expand the boundaries of the network.

Applications hosted in the cloud are becoming the norm

Application and Network Performance Monitoring have overlapping capabilities at times, but network managers are still responsible for ensuring the infrastructure is supporting the successful delivery of application services.

Architectures have evolved and hybrid is the new normal

Next generation Network Performance Monitoring and Analytics platforms need to support flexible deployment models, display real- time overlay maps of IPsec, MPLS, GRE tunnels and extend visibility to multi-cloud environments.

Discover what's possible with LiveAction

LiveNX is an application-aware network performance management platform that excels at visualizing, analyzing and controlling the real-time status of applications across the network.



Why LiveNX from LiveAction?

It’s NPM purpose-built for network pros

Purpose-built for the mental model of a network engineer, LiveNX has 4 patents for its visualization. What this means is that it simplifies the data so you don’t have to do it on your own. We make it easy to see, know, and understand what is happening in your network. Past. Present. Future.

It’s future-ready—now

SDx, machine learning, visual analytics, 3 click troubleshooting, open APIs are just a few examples of the innovation we bring to network pros every day.

It delivers value on day one

Budgets are tight. Tools consolidation makes a lot of cents. With LiveAction simple pricing model based on device count, the all-you-can-eat features is an amazing value compared to the legacy vendors. Compare with your vendor today.

Improve user experience while saving money

LiveNX delivers the capabilities necessary to identify and mitigate network issues quickly and efficiently.

30% TCO Savings
70% Faster Deployments
100% Happier Users

American Tire Distributors Rolls Out Network Success

When it came to road testing network performance management software, ATD required a solution that would support its continued growth throughout the US and Canada and further empower its network engineers and IT operations teams.

Network Success Story: Read It Now  

LiveAction Case Study - American Tire Distributors

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