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Network Performance Management is Evolving,
Don't Be Left Behind.

"...the primary focus for most enterprise networking organizations has been ensuring reliability, and secondarily delivering cost control. The result has been to promote a conservative mindset that is now increasingly challenged by the rapidly evolving demands being placed on the enterprise network."1

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Networks are evolving to be software-defined and cloud-driven

Networks are changing quickly. Migrations to software defined architectures, and extensions to public cloud infrastructures expand the boundaries of the network.

Applications hosted in the cloud are becoming the norm

Application and Network Performance Monitoring have overlapping capabilities at times, but network managers are still responsible for ensuring the infrastructure is supporting the successful delivery of application services.

Architectures have evolved and hybrid is the new normal

Next generation Network Performance Monitoring and Analytics platforms need to support flexible deployment models, display real-time overlay maps of IPsec, MPLS, and GRE tunnels, and to provide visibility to multi-cloud environments.

Manage the Network of Today and Tomorrow

Visual Network Analytics brings an end to the command line interface (CLI) era for standard network configuration and management tasks.

Network Performance Management Done Right: Discover LiveNX  


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2018 Strategic Roadmap for Networking1

Enterprises are adopting new IT delivery models and applications that require fundamental network changes from device access to the network core. To improve the agility and rate of innovation of their networks, I&O leaders need to drive mindset changes toward agile processes and versatile people.

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LiveNX—Visual Network Analytics

Simplify Network Management and Performance Monitoring to Deliver Better Digital Experiences

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Troubleshoot Critical Applications

Watch the video to see how LiveNX is used to monitor applications to ensure that performance targets are met, and identify performance-degrading events and resolve them.

  • Quickly Identify, Analyze, and Troubleshoot Underlying Performance Issues
    Close incidents on the first call and avoid escalations. Bandwidth-intensive services, such as Voice Over IP (VoIP), Unified Communications (UC) and multimedia websites require end-to-end capabilities to detect and fix issues fast.
  • Verify Application Traffic Prioritization
    Ensure that business applications are given the path and traffic prioritization as intended by initial policy configuration.
  • In-depth, and Historical Visibility of Application-level Performance
    Not knowing whether it’s a network or application issue can waste precious time to get to a resolution. LiveNX's full historical playback provides insight into application traffic pattern changes and bandwidth contention. 

Monitor and Configure Policies

Watch the video to see how LiveNX is used to troubleshoot a poorly configured QoS shaping policy that is causing a VoIP call to experience packet loss.

  • Detect the Impact of QoS Policies on Voice, Video, and Critical applications
    Understand QoS performance for individual interfaces, applications, and classes to identify the size, scope and nature of policy impact on critical applications. Proactive monitoring of critical service quality means you are able to solve problems before they are reported by end users.
  • Rollout QoS Polices Quickly and Accurately
    Reduce configuration errors with easy to apply, rules-based QoS policies and templates. The ability to save, backup and deploy automatically scheduled configuration changes means policies are consistent and accurate across the entire network. As policies are implemented, utilize real-time performance reports to quickly identify errors for immediate remediation.
  • Implement Policy Changes Faster in an Intuitive Graphical Interface
    A graphical interface replaces command line outputs with real-time graphs and an easy-to-understand policy viewer. QoS policy reports provide greater detail of configuration settings, performance issues, drops, and policy errors.

Manage Bandwidth and Capacity Planning 

Watch the video to see how LiveNX can be used during day-to-day operations, to focus on continual improvements and best practices to optimize the end-to-end environment.

  • Continuous Site, Application, and End-user Experience Monitoring
    Perform on-going characterization of network utilization, traffic patterns, thresholds, alarms and other metrics to further optimize network performance.
  • On-going Path Analysis
    Utilize path analytics of policy changes at scale to understand the impact of application path switching in a dynamic WAN environment.
  • WAN Capacity Planning and Management
    Verify service provider performance to ensure bandwidth, SLA class handling, latency, jitter, and packet loss thresholds are met.

...and So Much More 

Watch the video to get a high-level overview of the various capabilities found within LiveNX.

  • Augmented Network Awareness
    Machine learning to automate the repeatable tasks and support the expertise and learnings to create ‘human-in-the-loop’ actions.
  • End-user Experience Monitoring
    Monitoring of end user application experience over the enterprise network into any data center.
  • Advanced Analytics
    Network analytics on millions of records per second to identify and address potential threats and issues before they impact the user experience.

How You Manage Your Network
Impacts Your Bottom Line

Traditional network management solutions are not well-suited to fulfill enterprise expectations for rapid delivery of new services, more flexible business models, real-time response, and massive scalability that will support the growth of the business.  

Beyond the technical criteria, these are the critical business metrics our customers have achieved with LiveNX.

Critical Metric


Avoid bandwidth depletion by baselining performance thresholds and setting alerts to notify your team when additional capacity is needed to avoid downtime.

Critical Metric

OpEx and CapEx

Utilize automation to eliminate the time and effort associated with manual configuration and maintenance.

Critical Metric


Deep visibility across your deployment and infrastructure can help to quickly identify the location and nature of performance issues and allow IT staff to respond proactively.

Critical Metric

Time to Value

Identify root causes of configuration and inter-operability issues rapidly to cut troubleshooting time and improve user experience.

NetApp Reduced Costs 70%

Deploying LiveAction's LiveNX solution achieves real-time visibility into their Cisco deployment.
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Why LiveNX for Improved Network Performance?

LiveNX—is the network performance and analytics platform to monitor, manage, troubleshoot and resolve network performance issues in real-time.

  • It’s purpose-built for network pros like you
    Designed to work the way network engineers think about their network, LiveNX makes network data meaningful and actionable. We make it easy to see, know, and understand what is happening in your network, past, present, future.
  • It’s future-ready—now
    SD-WAN, machine learning, visual analytics, 3 click troubleshooting, open APIs, multi-vendor, and multi-domain are just a few examples of the innovation the LiveNX solution is providing today.
  • It delivers value on day one
    Budgets are tight. Getting your infrastructure to deliver value as soon as possible is critical. LiveNX users have cut policy rollout time by up to 70 percent, experienced a 5x increase in bandwidth efficiency, and cut troubleshooting times by 70 percent.

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LiveNX Capabilities

Proven to successfully address the entire SD-WAN lifecycle

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In an environment where the cost of downtime is measured in thousands of dollars per minute, rapid notification, troubleshooting and resolution is not optional—it is essential.


Big-data level analysis and correlation of events, both in real-time for rapid response, and historical archives pinpoint the moment an issue occurred and the cause.


Alerts are sent upon events matching desired criteria. By throttling notifications from raw alerts into less frequent, more meaningful, information it reduces noise from flapping alerts.


Capture network metadata across the entire topology, including the edge and the cloud, to see all devices and actively monitor the entire network.

Internet Scale

Digital transformation in the Enterprise requires scalability. LiveNX scales to manage tens of thousands of devices and process millions of records per second per node, and captures this non-aggregated traffic for historical and forensic analysis.


LiveNX gathers real-time data from both multi-vendor network elements as well as Cisco-specific REST APIs (DNA Center, vManage BFD (Bidirectional Forward Detection)) and AppId (Application Identification to provide accurate visual analytics.


SD-WAN is just one of the use-cases of the LiveNX Network Performance Management solution. The ability to provide visibility into WAN and campus environments makes LiveNX ideal when incorporating SD-WAN into your current environment. 


Whether you're migrating from a traditional WAN/Hybrid-WAN environment, or have previously adopted Cisco IWAN or Viptela, LiveNX visualizes all of these environments to assist with migration from beginning to end.


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