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Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) Management Made Easy and Simple

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Solve QoS Performance Bottlenecks Rather Than Create Them

LiveAction’s LiveNX speeds up your QoS management tasks, so you can focus on more critical tasks.


5x faster QoS policy configuration and deployment


100% increase in IT productivity


20% faster identification and isolation of network issues

Effortless Quality of Service Management

LiveNX Network Management Platform

With LiveNX, IT teams get a deep understanding of application traffic with full visibility of protocol and application type including video, VoIP, instant messaging, file-transfer, etc.

Create, edit and apply QoS polices for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches on live networks consistently and confidently. QoS wizard and built-in templates are available to apply policies based on Cisco best practices or use the QoS GUI editor to build custom policies. LiveNX generates a QoS audit report to show QoS policies in detail including configuration settings, performance issues, drops, and policy errors.

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LiveNX network visualization

Improve Network Efficiency and Performance

LiveNX QoS monitoring and management

Eliminate the Guesswork of QoS

Get a detailed understanding of QoS performance for individual interfaces, applications, and classes by displaying Before-QoS and After-QoS graphics for input and output directions.

  • Display congestion and bandwidth usage from a live system level topology and drill down to view individual device and interface performance and policies
  • Easily identify interface drops, class drops, queue drops, and congestion
  • Detect and alert on critical policy drops for voice, video, or critical applications before problems are reported by end users

Deep QoS Expertise is Built-in

We've included  QoS policy and class templates based on extensive research of the features, functions, and even idiosyncrasies of Cisco devices.

  • Policy and class templates allow rapid implementation of QoS settings based on Cisco best practices
  • QoS configurations can be saved for future use, as backups, or for automatically scheduled configuration changes for one or more device
  • Single-click policy and performance audit report analyzes QoS configurations for errors and performance issues
QoS policy templates
VoIP call edit QoS policies

Implement Policy Changes Directly in the GUI Without Switching to CLI

Make immediate changes to QoS polices that are causing packet loss.

  • Validate QoS Policy changes by viewing before and after reports
  • Build policies from library of best-practice templates
  • Verify the generated CLI commands before committing to devices

"Having a tool that can simplify our QoS and WAN operations frees us to devote our time to [security] and other critical issues..."

- National Surgical Hospitals